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Welcome to Varoom after 15 wonderful years of teaching, mentoring and coaching Entrepreneurs, helping build many Boards and develop Directors I have finally decided to hang up my boots and retire.

I’ve left my Blogs here, for a while, just in case someone still benefits.

Many thanks to everyone who have been customers, partners or friends along the way you made it fun!


Grev Commins



1. Rob Lewis - 13 April, 2008

G’Day Grev,

Good to see you sharing your experience with up and coming entrepreneurs – it would have been great to have had someone like you for advice when we started up all those years ago!

Rob lewis
Managing Director
PaxMondeo Pty Ltd

2. buyvigrx - 7 October, 2009

Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.

3. Ricki Giannini - 5 February, 2011

I envy your work , thanks for all the informative blog posts.

4. sina88 - 10 September, 2011

Not a bad guide, Although it could have been longer

5. Sam Penfold - 25 July, 2020

Dear Greville,

I hope this finds you well. I was really impressed with your recent discussion on the techspark summer session with Lucy Payne.
My partner and I have created a wonderful dental hygiene product. We have a strong brand and are now working on a professional website. We have our prototype near completion and with this Froghop design are manufacture resourcing for us.
We really believe we could benefit greatly from the advice of someone like yourself. If you are in a position to help or could point us to someone interested in helping start ups that would be greatly appreciated.
I shall look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,
Sam Penfold.
Pearly Bites Ltd.

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