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Amplify before you Promote 20 May, 2007

Posted by varoom in Marketing Plans.

Too often marketing and promotional activities are not maximised before they are implemented. Publicity events need to be promoted to your target audience in order to ensure they are at least aware of the event even if they cannot attend.

Amplify before you Promote” is a theory that you will yield much more by careful build up with key targets before the event. If you are planning a press event do some research on the journalists track records, what kind of articles do they write, what are their personal interests, who do they write for, what kind of articles will these media be looking for. You could ask to see the program of planned articles for the journalist or magazine and see if your have a match. If there is a match then offer to contribute material for the upcoming article.

Then you need a plan of how you are going to Amplify the event and to increase the number of press hits you will get afterwards. What’s news worthy in what your event is announcing? Is it possible to have multiple exclusives targeted at different channels? The advance build up can be in many forms, embargoed press briefings, meetings with industry analysts, tailored stories and exclusives for specific journalists.

In some industries a tour of the industry analysts long before the embargo deadline will build up awareness in that community. Then when you come to do pre-event press interviews they will leave and call their pet analyst to check their opinion on what you are saying. If you have done a good job early enough the analyst will be aware of your announcement (good for his future credibility) and will give a positive response if you did your job well enough.

Another key tool is selected interviews with key senior people. For a few journalists offer targeted interviews on specific subjects of interest to them with some exclusivity element.

Also don’t forget the post event follow up to ensure that a review will be written, if there are any outstanding questions, missing information, maybe to give some new information (maybe deliberately) that was not revealed on the day.

This “Amplify before you Promote” is not limited to press events, any promotional activity to any audience can be accelerated in some way. You just need to find the right people to amplify. These are usually the movers and shakers, the fashion icons, the role models, the people who make an event a success just because they attend. Get the right people there and get them talking about you afterwards.

Greville Commins


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