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Storyboarding a Novel approach 16 August, 2007

Posted by varoom in Marketing Plans.
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In July last year I wrote in this blog about using storyboarding as a technique to
build an executive summary. This same storyboarding technique can be
used when structuring your marketing messages for a promotional
campaign. First you use brainstorming sessions to develop all the main
messages you want to convey to your market about your product. Then
use this storyboarding technique to structure the story you want to

Storyboarding is a process where you write a series of messages in the form of
topics on separate pages and these become “chapter headings” in
the story you want to tell to your audience.

Once you have this outline you can start to play with the structure of
your storyboard, lay them out on a big table in an initial order and
then talk yourself through the topics in order. Does it sound right?
How does it flow? Do the most important messages come out correctly
with enough emphasis? Is there anything missing?

At this stage avoid putting too much information into the mix, it’s
headings, topics, messages and ideas as you want to retain the high level
view of the structure.

Once you have an order that you feel works then bring in an outsider and
present the story to them, talking around each chapter just using the
topic as an outline, but stick to the subject matter. Does your
outsider get the story? Did they keep with your story flow? Did they
understand what you were presenting? Did they need to ask any
questions? Was anything missing?

Your objective is to get the same attention as a good novel, one that the
reader picks up and cannot put down. You want your audience to do the
same with your marketing story, keep their attention and interest
until you come to the final chapter.

Once you have achieved a storyboard flow that works well the next stage is
to develop each chapter topic so that the complete story can be told
with the key marketing messages in the best order.

Greville Commins