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Technology can sometimes be a bad thing… 3 April, 2008

Posted by varoom in Selling.
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Tendency for High Tech entrepreneurs to stress the technology in their products can harm the success in selling the product. In some cases a weaker technical solution can win the day with better marketing.

You must assume some types of customer do not understand or even care about the technology. If you are selling to a business or an OEM this entails a different kind of sales process to selling to end customer through retail channels. You need to present the benefits of your product in terms that these customers can relate to. Relate is the key word here. In order for them to respect you and take your proposition seriously you need to build up some trust in your customer relationships.

What this means is understanding their problems, demonstrating your knowledge of their challenges and offering a solution in terms that address the problem. You do this, initially, by demonstrating your knowledge of their challenges in business, their marketplace, customers, products and finances. Using this information to build your proposition adds credibility and enables the customer to see it in the context of their business.

Giving these customers examples of new ideas for end products, a good analysis of the customer benefits, efficiency, cost savings, increased revenues or new business opportunities all add value. You need to refine these key messages and make sure you use them in the early stages of your interactions with customers. Leverage them in your verbal conversations, presentations, web presence and sales tools.

Once you have the customer interested in how they can access the benefits, then you may need to get into selling your technology at this later stage.

Greville Commins