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Hiring a sales guy is like buying a gun 7 March, 2011

Posted by varoom in Management, Selling.
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Don’t worry it’s just an analogy…If you were to buy a gun, for arguments sake, and tried to do some target shooting but failed to hit anything you aimed at. What do you think the gun shop would say if you took the gun back claiming it didn’t work, because it kept missing the target?

In my analogy, when a new company hires their first salesperson I often hear complaints about the performance of said salesperson very early on in the relationship. I believe that hiring a salesperson is just like buying a gun. You need to select the right weapon that is suited to the target you plan to aim at and you must aim (direct) the weapon at the target accurately enough to stand a good chance of hitting it first time. You also must think about selecting the best ammunition in order to create the desired impact on the target.

A failing relationship with a salesperson is as much to do with the company engaging that salesperson, where they are directed and what ammunition they are armed with.

In this context aiming your salesperson is all about choosing the right customers/market sectors where your product has the best fit, arming them with the right tools & training in order to have the best chance of success in hitting the target the company wants to aim at.

The lesson to be aware of is this: If your salesperson is failing in their job, look at what you are doing first, improve your aim, supply more useful ammunition and stand back…. This is pretty much what the advice from the gun shop would be too.