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Less is often more in the business world 22 March, 2012

Posted by varoom in Selling.
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Selling is a series of stages in your budding relationship with a customer. Each stage must be carefully controlled in order to facilitate a transition to the next phase. Gaining customers initial interest, building their trust, discovering their needs and arriving at a point where they are open to your proposition are stages in a sales relationship which are very similar to every day interpersonal relationships. Like in real life, push a relationship too fast and you are in danger of destroying it.

I often see entrepreneurs trying to squeeze every last piece of product information into earlier stages in their relationship with prospective customers. This is risky, in these situations it is important to realise that at every step of the sales process the priority is to get the prospect to the next stage. No-one buys, complex, non routine purchases, at the first step.

So when initially prospecting for new customers communicate only sharp focussed pieces of information that are guaranteed to pique their interest and get them to contact you. When you get a first contact, in the beginning only communicate information that will build trust and make the customer feel comfortable. Do not rush this stage! If you do the customer will not trust you and you will only discover needs that are of limited value. People do not tell others, they have no relationship with, important information of real value.

Once you have the trust of the customer and they have revealed their needs, then you put a proposal together which meets their needs exactly.

Because the customer was wowed by your succinct prospecting information, because you took the time to build a relationship of trust, the customer revealed real needs of significant value and hence the proposition you make will be more valuable to the customer.