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Shortest time to Ah Ha! 4 February, 2016

Posted by varoom in Selling.
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We as humans in today’s world tend to make our minds up about something very quickly, if we are not interested we switch off. If someone puts the responsibility on us to figure out what they mean most of us won’t do the work.

If someone gets what you do quickly, they are more likely to be interested, pay attention to what else you have to say and may even be persuaded by what you are offering. If you make it complicated, try to convey too much detail or assume prior knowledge the chances are you will fail.

Whenever we approach someone for the first time and we have a story to tell we need to gain their interest as soon as possible. The “Ah Ha” moment occurs when someone gets what you do and what you are offering. The soonest this happens the less likely they are to wander off.

So, when telling a story or making a pitch, design your script to just focus on the key points that are needed to understand what your proposition is. Craft the words so that they are easy to deliver, easy to understand and will be remembered after you have gone. Then you need to work on your delivery so that you can deliver your script in a way which maximises the chance of being understood.

So design your initial pitch so that it takes no time at all to understand what you do and what you are proposing. Having a scripted pitch will ensure you convey the same message each time, not forget any key points and make the most out of every opportunity. Then just keep testing and improving.

Following the Ah Ha! You can then expand further as you will have the interest and attention of your recipient.