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7 key questions – to make an impact 25 November, 2016

Posted by varoom in Selling.

Whenever you want to communicate to someone, in business, time is short because in modern life most people’s attention spans are short. In my last Blog I talked about time to Ah Ha! Well that is only part, an important part, of the whole process. I believe there are 7 questions you should ask yourself when creating a communication to ensure you get beyond the Ah Ha stage.

  1. WHO – Do you want to speak to (Do know your audience)?
  2. WHAT – Will grab their attention (WOW factor)?
  3. WHAT – Do you want to say (Your most important Key Messages*)?
  4. TIME to Ah Ha! – Are you making it as simple as it can be?
  5. HOW – Often do you need to repeat the message to be effective?
  6. WHAT – Do you want them to do afterwards (Call to Action)?
  7. HOW – Will you deliver your message(s) (Which is the best channel)?

*Key messaging is one of my passions. A key message is what you want to be retained in the mind of the recipient after you have left or your communication is over. A key message is carefully worded, told within a story flow that is in the right sequence, easily communicated, easily understood and memorable.

The rewards of having a story flow are;

  • You bring the listener along with your story, if its easy to follow
  • The listener reacts positively to you, as it comes across as very well communicated.
  • They retain positive memory of you, we all like to remember people who are easy to understand
  • Improved chance of your recipient accepting your recommendations

Once you have a succinct script then concentrate on delivery. The best design communication is wasted unless it is delivered properly. A bit like a great joke told badly. It’s not funny.

So spend enough time to understand your audience and what will make them pay attention, craft your story then spend time perfecting the delivery.

This will increase your success rates with potential customers.



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