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8/6/15 Rise Structures

When somebody asks about a delicious cake which is too good to share, it is tempting to say it tastes horrible whilst slowly reaching to grab it before everybody else does. Writing this testimonial for Greville is similar to being asked about this delicious cake.

There are many reasons why my business is performing well and those reasons are triggered by two key factors: me and Greville. I have to be honest, think carefully about the company while making the key decisions, reflect on what we achieved and look at how we can do better. Greville is a very good sounding board and has lots of experience you can draw from which means that you can learn and investigate options in a safe environment. He also has the patience that you might not have and gives you the support you need in difficult time. Greville comes with the tools to help me to do what I have to do whilst making it fun and relatively easy.

So go on, treat yourself to a piece of cake, whilst I’m in a sharing mood.

Ingrid Chauvet
Founder & Director
Rise Structures Ltd

23/4/2015 OurPower

Having known about Greville’s work over many years, I was delighted when he was allocated to us as advisor and coach when we received a recent grant.  He gave us outstanding support in working through complex issues for our new energy business, challenging us and helping us really work through so many aspects of the business from branding, segmentation and value proposition, through to launch strategy, operations, and product roadmaps.  He is always excellent in his incisiveness, communication and team approach, making an enormous difference to the progress we have made.  And his speed of response!  We have all been delighted to work with him and hope very much he will have time available for us again in the future.

Tom Beese
Founder & Executive Chairman
OurPower Ltd

06/12/2012 MathEmbedded

Greville successfully managed to transition a business of three founders, who were engineers with very little business experience, into a professionally run company. Greville is very supportive, personable and has great people and organisational skills. His expert knowledge across a wide range of business areas is invaluable in helping early stage start-ups to rapidly but safely grow and his domain knowledge made him the ideal chairman for MathEmbedded. I can certainly recommend Greville unreservedly to any company wanting to grow.

Dr Carl Shaw
Founder & CEO
MathEmbedded Ltd

24/12/2011 Vox coaching

Grevile has mentored me, supporting my understanding of business and business strategy, for a year and a half. As someone running a business, I find his expertise,clarity and directness an invaluable support.

Pete Bailie
Founder & Director

07/03/2011 Marketing Generics

“I have known and worked with Greville for over 10 years. Greville’s particular ability is to have that unusual combination of technical and commercial skills and literacy. This means he can
zoom in on the detailed technology with a very good technical understanding, but zoom out again to understand the bigger picture together with the commercial implications. He is also good work with: efficient, professional and a team player. He is in all extremely well equipped to help emerging tech companies and entrepreneurs”

Ian Thomas, Director
Marketing Generics

30/09/2010 SETSquared Bristol

“Greville is a consummate professional.
His knowledge of all aspects of business – from marketing to finance and most of all, to people.
Grev is a great mentor and coach and is able to bring to bear a broad range of international experience for the benefit of the people he works with.
Grev has provided a reliable and first-class service to SETsquared for the last few years and has made a significant contribution of the Centre.”

Nick Sturge, Centre Director
SETSquared Business Acceleration Centre, Bristol

26/07/2010 Make Design Enjoy

Varooms’ Brainstorming workshop has completely changed our project processes, strengthened existing client relationships, achieved more creative ideas and has recently helped us secure a new client. All of this from ONE workshop…..I would whole heartedly recommend booking him to run his series of workshops for any business.

Karl Louden, Founder, Creative Director
Make Design Enjoy

02/03/2010 UWE Ventures

Greville delivered a series of Sales & Marketing workshops for our resident businesses here at UWE Ventures. The sessions were inspiring and exciting as well as being extremely informative. The workshops were also flexible and adaptable enough to suit any business environment.
Those within the creative industries, found the skills and techniques in the brain storming sessions very useful and offered them a much more instinctive and original way to deliver creative solutions.

Mariama Njie – Host
UWE Ventures Bristol

13/01/2010 ProVision Communication Technologies Ltd

I have worked with Greville since January 2008 when he joined ProVision as a Non-Executive Director. For a small company, new to consumer electronics, his insight and guidance on marketing, sales, licensing and product development have been invaluable. His contribution to our fund raising efforts also went way beyond the call of duty. Grev can always be relied on to offer frank, unbiased advice – he is usually right when it comes to weighing up options and making tough decisions!

Prof David Bull.
Founder and Chairman,
ProVision Communication Technologies Ltd

06/05/2009 Sidonis Ltd

Sidonis was selected as a FASTtrack2 company – a Silicon South West programme funded by SWRDA and UKTI and delivered with the resources of SETsquared. As a mentor to SETsquared, Greville worked closely with us to help guide us through the key early growth stage of the business. His knowledge, experience, and clarity of thought were instrumental in steering us through the process of developing a clear business strategy. I would never hesitate to recommend Greville – he has intuitive business sense, he focuses on what really matters, he’s enthusiastic, supportive and above all really enjoyable to work with.

Don Keir, CEO, Sidonis Ltd

29/03/2009 Xintronix Ltd

“Greville and I have worked together since I joined Xintronix as CEO in the summer of 2008. His extensive knowledge and experience of the semiconductor industry and in particular his expertise in IP licensing has been invaluable. His comments and insight have delivered Xintronix a more comprehensive and robust business plan.”
Steve Cliffe, CEO, Xintronix

18/03/2009 Xintronix Ltd

I have known and worked with Greville, as mentor, since Xintronix first joined the SetSquared start-up incubator in October 2007. Greville has always been extremely helpful, bringing a depth of experience, sound analysis and always a great deal of encouragement. My co-founder and I found his contributions so helpful that, when we sought a Non-Executive Director, he was our obvious candidate – I am delighted that he has agreed to join us on the Xintronix board.

Nick Weiner, CTO and VP Engineering, Xintronix Ltd.


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